People can be tutored, but not facilitated.

Only processes can be facilitated; people, not.

Just as in being taught, a student can also very easily simply sit back and enjoy the boredom of being tutored. Tutoring can all too easily become just the same old baby-sitting, spoon-feeding edutainment of teaching in the big-school classroom - only now on an individual level.

However, "facilitating" the process of study, necessarily requires both participants (facilitator and student) to take ACTIVE part in the process. The student initially identifies questions that they are unable to answer on their own. Then the facilitator answers those questions, and based on the mutual, two-way communication, then identifies possible further gaps in the student's understanding, and helps them to fill in those gaps for themselves.

Study facilitation necessarily requires the student to take part in, ownership of and responsibility for their own studies, decisions, choices, actions and life. Tutoring, all to easily, not.

That's why not "tutoring" anymore, but "facilitating" now.

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