School Education                                          / Skoolonderwys
Memorisation                                                / Memorisering
Learner                                                         / Leerder
Teacher                                                        / Onderwyser

     *                                                                     *

Value-Fostering/-age and                               / Waarde-Opvoeding en
Home-Instruction in Knowledge & Skills         / Tuisonderrig in Kennis & Vaardighede
...vs. School Education                                  / ...vs. Skoolonderwys

Study, Research, Long-term Integration        / Studie, Navorsing, Langtermyn Integrasie
...vs. Short-term Memorisation                       / ...vs. Kort-termyn Memorisering

Student vs. Learner                                       / Student vs. Leerder

Study Facilitator vs. Teacher                          / Studiefasiliteerder vs. Onderwyser

Home-Instructionist, Parent                            / Tuisonderrigter, Ouer

The purpose of this proposed terminology is to distinguish between "school" concepts which inculcate dependence, and "home" concepts which establish maturity; and not to mix the two.

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